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The Radiant Vigil

The Holy Order of the Light’s Vigilants is a holy militaristic roleplaying guild on Moon Guard US in the Alliance. The guild is mainly focused on both worship of the Light and its virtues, political intrigue, provincial and kingdom RP, as well as being the harbingers of the coming of a new age. The Radiant Vigil is loosely based on the concept of the Army of the Light and is dedicated to bringing a quality and enjoyable roleplay experience to Moon Guard. Our mission is to preserve and uphold the three virtues and be exemplars of righteousness in the roleplay community at large.

Sir Davrum Niall / Mar 03, 2017

The time has come.Greetings guildies and prospects. Davrum here, and I'd like to reach out to you all to say that that the time has indeed come to return home! As a guild we have endured many ups and downs. Many good times, and many challenges, mo...

Sir Davrum Niall / Jun 07, 2016

Friends of the Light! Brothers in arms! Heed my call! From age come to age pass we have all been equals in the radiance of the Light, basking in its eternal glory and seeking to emulate its divine presence! We have all stood stalwartly against the...

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